There are many ways to get involved in health and wellness initiatives on campus, from peer teams to practicums and internships. See if there's an opportunity that fits your interests!


Healthy U Crew Creating a Healthier Campus
Healthy Grad Crew A student-led team providing health education and promotion programming by graduate students for graduate students
Leave The Pack Behind Information, support and resources to help people quit smoking - or never start
Advisory Committee A student voice that provides guidance and advice to Health & Wellness
Work placements Opportunities for practical co-curricular training

Healthy U Crew

The Healthy U Crew (HUC) is a student-led team at the University of Toronto St. George dedicated to creating a healthier campus for all students.

Making healthier choices can help you achieve your academic and personal goals. The HUC uses education, advocacy and collaboration with campus and community partners to support those healthy choices. 

Check out the Healthy U of T Facebook group.

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Healthy Grad Crew

The Healthy Grad Crew (HGC) is a new addition to the Health & Wellness peer teams. It is a student-led team providing health education and promotion programming by graduate students for graduate students. The HGC plans and implements health promotion initiatives that are relevant to graduate students and address their unique needs. Areas of focus include mental health, relationships with supervisors, school-to-work transition and balanced living.

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Leave The Pack Behind

Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB) offers information about smoking and quitting, personalized support, and quitting resources – all for free! It is funded by the Government of Ontario. The LTPB team at the University of Toronto-St. George campus works together throughout the year to plan and implement activities, events, and campaigns centred around smoking cessation and prevention.

For more information on LTPB and its activities on campus visit the LTPB website.

If you're interesting in working with LTPB, contact

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Health & Wellness Student Advisory Committee

The Health & Wellness Student Advisory Committee (SAC) is a student voice that provides guidance and advice to Health & Wellness.

The SAC’s responsibilities are to:

  • Provide feedback and suggestions for the improvement of services currently offered by Health & Wellness

  • Provide feedback on outreach and engagement efforts of Health & Wellness

  • Assist in identifying any student health needs that are not being met

  • Comment on the policies of Health & Wellness and the University as they relate to student health issues

  • Ensure that Health & Wellness stays responsive and student-focused

  • Assist in identifying future initiatives

Practicums, placements and internships

Social Work Practicum

The Faculty of Social Work offers six practicum placements within the Counseline program.

Counseline provides face-to-face and online counselling to undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Toronto Faculty of Arts & Science. 

Training is offered to second-year University of Toronto Masters of Social Work students. The placement involves three days per week from September to April. Visit the Faculty of Social Work for more Social Work Practicum information.


Pre-doctoral internship in Clinical Psychology

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).  Health & Wellness will be providing a CPA-accredited major rotation in short-term psychotherapy, in conjunction with the Work, Stress and Health Program.  The APPIC code number for the CAMH internship program is 183211.