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Student Life Tasks & Topics

Explore and Start a Career

Develop your career path and get valuable advice about finding work, job markets and further education.

Career exploration and advice

  • Attend a career exploration program
  • Bust career myths 
  • Know yourself
  • Connect with alumni who have the same degree
  • Talk to people working in your field of interest
  • Talk to a career educator or peer advisor

Prepare for the job market

  • Build a positive online reputation with social media
  • Create your résumé and/or cover letter
  • Get help with interviewing
  • Know your rights
  • Learn about different types of experience
  • Learn how to research companies of interest
  • Network to build and expand relationships
  • Work or study abroad

Search for jobs

  • Attend on-campus recruitment events and network with employers
  • Job boards to get you started
  • Find all types of jobs on the CLNx
  • Find a Work Study job Important
  • Work in Student Life Important
  • Find volunteer opportunities
  • Find a research job in my field of interest
  • Tips for international students

Find academic work

  • Create your academic CV and cover letter
  • Learn about academic interviews and questions
  • Services and supports for finding academic work

Further education

  • Ask a professor for an academic letter of reference
  • Write your personal statement
  • Craft your graduate school application
  • Prep for graduate and professional school admissions tests
  • Prep for med school interviews