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How students help guide us

We align our work with the needs and values of our students and with strategic University documents that help guide our path.

Student involvement

Student involvement is central to our work. Students shape our work through advisory councils, consultations, focus groups, assessment surveys and committees. All of our involvement committees include representation from full-time and part-time undergraduate students, second-entry professional faculty students and graduate students.

Unit level student advisory committees

The Division of Student Life is committed to actively engage and collaborate with students who represent different communities on campus to co-create programs, services and resources, and foster a vibrant student-centric community.

To strengthen this commitment, numerous Student Life departments have created unit-level advisory groups to ensure students bring their insights and ideas to Student Life programming and resources. This past year, the Division of Student Life has created the Student Life Advisory Council, with representatives from local departments and units, to ensure there is a robust feedback loop between students, Student Life departments and advisory groups, and the Division of Student Life.

Interested in becoming a member of a Student Life Advisory Committee? Fill out the Central Application Form before September 13, 2023.

Other involvement opportunities

The strategic frameworks and University documents that guide our programs are: