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How students help guide us

We align our work with the needs and values of our students and with strategic University documents that help guide our path.

Student involvement

Student involvement is central to our work. Students shape our work through advisory councils, consultations, focus groups, assessment surveys and committees. All of our involvement committees include representation form full-time and part time undergraduate students, second-entry professional faculty students and graduate students. Some examples of how students help guide our work include:

  • Academic Success Advisory Committee
  • Career Exploration & Education and Accessibility Services Advisory Committee
  • Career Exploration & Education Guidelines for Student Engagement
  • CCR Local Evaluation Committee
  • Centre for Community Partnerships Advisory Committee
  • Committee for the Allocation of Student Activity Space
  • Conflict Resolution Centre Advisory Committee
  • Feedback Loop for EDI Education
  • Gradlife Advisory Committee
  • Health and Wellness Advisory Group
  • Housing Service Student Advisory Committee
  • Indigenous Student Services Advisory Committee
  • International Student Experience Advisory Committee
  • Multi-Faith Centre Advisory Council
  • Student Initiative Fund
  • Student Life Budget Committee