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Friendship is crucial in protecting mental health

Posted February 26, 2020

By Sarah Ryeland-Etienne

Get involved to make some friends! U of T is big, which means that there are others here who share your interests. Whether your passion is student politics, the arts, sports, social justice, community service, spirituality, or some combination of any of these, there’s something here for you.

Here are 9 ways to get going

Make contact

It’s amazing what you’ll learn just by talking to people. Say hello to someone you don’t know – a classmate, a professor, a staff member.

Go to your college or faculty

Colleges and faculties are places teeming with activity. Spend some time discovering the resources and opportunities offered by the students and staff there.

Join a club

Join a group on campus, or volunteer. Ulife Online has a long list of groups and opportunities on campus. There’s nothing like a shared interest to bring people together!

Get a job

There are lots of part-time jobs on campus. They give you the chance to learn more about U of T, and you’ll often be working with other students. Find out about jobs through the Career & Co-curricular Learning Network (CLNx) and spend some time on campus earning extra cash!

Get a mentor

Having a go-to person who can give you the inside scoop on how things really work is invaluable. Visit the Mentorship Resource Centre to find out about all the mentorship programs at U of T.

Get fit

Hart House, the Athletic Centre and the Varsity Centre are all great places to get moving. Work out, join a class or sign up for one of the many intramural sports teams!

Find culture

Explore galleries, theatres, film nights, literary journals – the list goes on. There’s no end of people who share your cultural interests. Find out more at The Artszone.

 Seek office

Run for student government. It’s a great way to get involved and make a difference for your fellow students. All faculties and colleges have opportunities for you to run for an elected position. It’s a great experience even if you don’t win!

Go global

There is a world beyond your school, your city and your country — explore it! Earn an academic credit or participate in a research project or internship overseas through one of the many international opportunities.