Accessibility Advisor Update Form


For most questions and concerns, you will have to meet with your Accessibility Advisor in person either through a drop-in hour or by booking an appointment. Find out how to stay in touch with your Accessibility Advisor here.

But there may be times that you need to provide a brief informational update to your Accessibility Advisor – especially if you are experiencing a flare up of disability-related symptoms.

Please avoid emailing your Accessibility Advisor and use the form below to provide this update.

  • The purpose of this form is only to provide brief informational updates to your Accessibility Advisor.  
  • Students will need to attend drop-in hours or book an appointment with the Accessibility Services front desk in order to plan or discuss next steps.

Please Note:

  • This form is not to be used in cases of personal or health emergency.  If this is the case, consult a medical professional, call 911 or visit their nearest local emergency room. 
  • If your accommodations specify extensions on assignments of up to one [1] week for disability- related circumstances, please provide your Letter of Accommodation to your professor to request an extension. For extensions beyond one week, students are asked to complete the Extension Request Form
  • Questions regarding OSAP or the processing of a BSWD application you completed with your Accessibility Advisor should be directed to Enrolment Services.
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