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Support for U of T community members living with epilepsy

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Posted March 7, 2022

By Sarah Ryeland Etienne

In honour of March being Epilepsy Awareness Month, Accessibility Services has launched a series of seizure education modules. These free, online resources help staff and faculty learn more about the basics of epilepsy, so they can feel safer and more confident supporting their students and colleagues.

By participating in these modules, the U of T community will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • different types of epilepsy
  • common myths
  • how to support someone who’s having a seizure
  • how to accommodate students with epilepsy

All U of T faculty and staff are eligible to enrol in the modules, including professors, lab coordinators, teaching assistants (TAs), invigilators and residence dons.

To get started, visit Seizure Education Modules.