Drop-in counselling

The Health & Wellness Centre is offering 45-minute drop-in appointments with counsellors from the My SSP Program from April 8 – 30, 5 – 10 p.m. at Robarts Library. Appointments are available Monday to Friday, and are available to ALL students.

8th April 2019
Scent-free area

Scent-free Area

We share the air. Please avoid the use of perfume, cologne, hairspray and other scented products when visiting the Health & Wellness Centre.

6th March 2019

After hours health care resources

If you need medical care when Health & Wellness is closed, see our after hours health care resources. Find regular contact information on our Contact Us page.

19th February 2019

Event Highlights

U of T's Mental Health Framework

We all have a role in our students' mental wellness.

  • Introducing a perspective on student mental wellness that includes everyone.
  • From student leaders to faculty and staff, we can all participate in ensuring student mental wellness. Explore our 22 recommendations across five key areas to discover how you fit in.
  • See your role. Share our vision.

Visit for the full report.

Images in slideshow by Michelle Gibson Photography.

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