Where did CAPS go?

On September 8th, the new Health & Wellness Centre began offering University of Toronto students a single point of entry for access to all services previously offered through Health Services and Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Feedback from students over the years and best clinical practices have prompted us to rethink the way health and mental health services are provided at the St. George campus.

All students needing physical or mental health care, travel medicine, immunizations, nutritional care, family planning or gynecological care, first aid and other services will find referrals in one space – staying on track with their current health care plan and getting new services that meet their needs.

Find out more about the new Health & Wellness Centre. 

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The Health & Wellness Centre provides a variety of services similar to what a typical family doctor offers. Sudents registered with fees paid at the University of Toronto are eligible for services.


Hours and location

The Health & Wellness Centre is located at 214 College Street on the 2nd floor. Visit the Contact Us page for current hours of operation and other details.


Appointments & eligibility

Services are available to all full- and part-time University of Toronto students who have paid the appropriate incidental fees. Appointments can be made in different ways depending on the nature of your concern.

The Web Access Account

As a registered patient of the Health & Wellness Centre, you can schedule or cancel appointments with your online Health & Wellness Web Access account. This account also allows you to view medical test results that have been released by your physician.

To take advantage of this convenience, you need to complete a Web Access Form and bring it with you next time you visit the clinic. 


Download the New Patient Package before your first appointment, and find other forms you need to access various medical services.


Health insurance

University of Toronto students have basic health insurance coverage through either Provincial health insurance or the University Health Insurance plan (UHIP). Most students will also have partial coverage for additional services through a supplementary health insurance plan.


Privacy & cancellation policy

At Health & Wellness, we take your privacy seriously. Read about the details of our privacy policy.

Please also take note of our cancellation policies - there are fees for missing a booked appointment without contacting us in advance to cancel it.