Are you experiencing difficulties in course work?

If you are experiencing difficulties affecting your learning in lectures, labs or tutorials and have a disability, or believe you may have a disability, then register for academic accommodations with Accessibility Services. The Accessibility Services office supports students registered in courses on the St. George campus. 

To receive accommodations for the start of classes, you must register as soon as you have accepted your offer of admission to the University of Toronto using your UTORid or JOINid. Follow the registration instructions below. 

Additional resources: 

Registration timelines for exam accommodations

New or returning students (if applicable) need to submit complete registration packages by October 11, 2019 for Fall term or February 7, 2020 for Winter term in order to be eligible to receive final exam accommodations, barring exceptional circumstances.

Students registered with Accessibility Services who write their tests and exams with accommodations must register to write them with Test and Exam Services.

If you completed and submitted an online Student Intake Form, and you are unsure of your registration status, please contact our front desk to speak with a receptionist.


Residence accommodations

Students requiring residence accommodations are encouraged to apply to Accessibility Services as soon as possible. Find out more about important dates and deadlines pertaining to residence applications.

For residence related queries, please contact Housing at or via phone at 416-978-8045.


Registration Registration with Accessibility Services is a four-step [4-step] process
I'm not sure if I have a disability Receiving accommodations if you suspect or are unsure if you have a disability
UTM/UTSC and Visiting Students UTM/UTSC and Visiting Students can receive accommodations for courses at St. George Campus


Follow steps 1 – 4 to register for academic accommodations 


Step 1: Obtain required documentation 

Obtain documentation of your disability. For most cases, required documentation will be the Certificate of Disability (available as a .PDF on this page). 

Step 2: Complete our online Student Intake Form

Have your required documentation available in a scanned .PDF or similar format before filling out the Student Intake form. Set aside 30 minutes to complete the online Student Intake Form without interruption. If you think it will take you more time to complete the form, contact for a manual version of the form. You are not able to save and return to the form. As a reminder, please provide information in all required fields and when instructed attach your required documentation


Step 3: Submit your completed intake package 

​The intake package consists of: 

  • Required documentation (e.g. the Certificate of Disability, recent medical documentation for concussions, brain injuries and/or temporary physical disabilities, or a psychoeducational or neuropsychological assessment) 
  • The completed online Student Intake Form 
  • Any supplemental or additional documentation related to your disability 


Step 4: Attend an intake appointment 

  • After you submit your intake package, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment with an accessibility advisor. 
  • The accessibility advisor will review your intake package and discuss any barriers or difficulties you have been experience in your academic progress to develop effective accomodations. 

Note: As of August 21, 2018, Accessibility Services launched a new online intake process as outlined in the four [4] steps listed above. If you downloaded and completed one of our previous registration packages before August 21, 2018, you may scan and upload the package and any supplemental documentation to the new Student Intake Form.  

If you are unsure of which documentation you need or require accommodations or assistance in completing the intake package, contact our front desk at or 416-978-8060. 

I'm not sure if I have a disability

We can work with you if you suspect you have a disability or are in the process of obtaining documentation. Accessibility Services does not provide services to diagnose disabilities: We can review with you any difficulties you are experiencing and, if appropriate, suggest referrals for assessment. 

Contact our front desk to arrange a brief consultation meeting with our Intake Coordinator at or 416-978-8060.

If you suspect you might have a learning disability, complete our online intake form prior to meeting with our Intake Coordinator.

UTM/UTSC and visiting students

If you are registered with Accessibility Services at either the University of Toronto - Mississauga (UTM) or the University of Toronto - Scarborough (UTSC) and plan to take classes at the St. George campus with accommodations, you will need to complete a Transfer of Accommodations Form with your Accessibility Advisor at your home campus. Your Accessibility Advisor will fax this form to our office.

Once this form has been faxed to our office, contact our front desk to complete the transfer of accommodations. A meeting will be scheduled for you to meet with an Accessibility Advisor who will explain how accommodations are provided here.

Procedures and deadlines to receive accommodations may be different from those at your home campus, so you should contact us before or as soon as you start attending courses here. At peak times (August to October and January) you may experience a short waiting period for your first appointment.

You can find us at: 

455 Spadina Avenue, 4th Floor, Suite 400 (Just north of College Street)

Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2G8

Phone: 416-978-8060


Fax: 416-978-5729

If you are a visiting student who has academic accommodations at your home university, you need to complete an Intake Package. You can upload your Letter of Accommodations or equivalent documentation from your home university as additional documentation.