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Transfer your Health Records from the University before you graduate

Please read this important letter from the Health and Wellness Team regarding the transfer of your health records, if you are graduating this summer, leaving the University, or not registering for classes in September 2018. 

20th April 2018
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Where can I get the flu shot?

Learn about helpful resources and locations of flu shot clinics for all students, including international students with UHIP coverage.

6th November 2017
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New EMR system for your medical records & appointments!

A new electronic medical records (EMR) system for Health & Wellness is in place to book and confirm your appointments, deliver confidential information, and more. Continue reading for important information.

13th October 2017

Event Highlights

U of T's Mental Health Framework

We all have a role in our students' mental wellness.

  • Introducing a perspective on student mental wellness that includes everyone.
  • From student leaders to faculty and staff, we can all participate in ensuring student mental wellness. Explore our 22 recommendations across five key areas to discover how you fit in.
  • See your role. Share our vision.

Visit for the full report.

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