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Students learn more when they are involved.

Spend time time with us on campus, interact with your faculty, participate in student activities, attend workshops to develop and apply leadership skills, get a job on campus and, more than anything, find what is meaningful to you and explore it.

Take advantage of what Student Life Programs & Services has to offer. Your adventure begins now.

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Students at work

Get great experience: Work at Student Life!

Our internships and work-study positions for the academic year are now posted here and on the Career Learning Network, your source for all jobs, on- and off-campus.

""Get a head start on getting involved!

Fall is almost here. Why not search the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) now for ways to get involved on campus? Find the activities and experiences that interest you and arrive ready to take part in life beyond the classroom.


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The Division of Student Life brings coherence to complexity and creates opportunities to build skills, foster community and integrate learning. We connect life to learning.

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