Volunteer note-taking services

If you have trouble taking class notes due to difficulty concentrating, writing, accessing verbal information, chronic pain or other issues, you can request volunteer note-taking services.

If you would like to volunteer as a note-taker, please see below.

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Requesting volunteer note-taking

To get started, you will need to register for volunteer note-taking as an academic accommodation.

If you are approved for the accommodation, you will be given access to our secure website. Other students in your classes volunteer to upload copies of their notes to the website, and you can access this website to download the supplemental notes.

Please note:

  • You must provide all information required on the application, otherwise your request will not be processed.
  • Expect to wait a minimum of two weeks before your request is fully processed.
  • Notes are not guaranteed, as this is a volunteer service.
  • You are still expected to attend class and take notes to the best of your ability.

Since notes will be provided electronically, the following guidelines exist to maintain the academic integrity of the accommodation:

  • Volunteer notes acquired from the services are for the sole use of the student authorized for this accommodation.
  • Notes cannot be distributed or shared with any other students or individuals.

Volunteer as a note-taker

Thank you for volunteering copies of your class notes! You are helping your fellow students to overcome obstacles and reach their academic goals.

Volunteering as a note-taker is easy:

  • Attend classes regularly and continue to take lecture notes
  • Consistently upload your notes to our secure website
  • Inform us if you drop any classes

Step 1: Register as a volunteer note-taker
Step 2: Upload your notes

It’s that simple! You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation upon the completion of the term (upon request).

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Contact us

Questions? Contact us at 416-978-6186 or as.notetaking@utoronto.ca.