There is a variety of financial aid available for students with disabilities.

Apply for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (or the equivalent program in your home province) to determine whether you are eligible for any of the following:

To apply for the BSWD or CSG grant, you must meet with your Accessibility Advisor.


OSAP Letter for OSAP verifying your permanent disability: full time status with a 40% program load
Apply for BSWD Applying for the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD)
Important! Rules for using your BSWD/CSG funding


Students with permanent disabilities may be considered full time students on a 40% course load for OSAP purposes. Contact your Accessibility Advisor to have a Proof of Permanent Disability form completed. 

Apply for BSWD

Learn how to apply for the BSWD/CSG grant. Each year there are changes to the BSWD guidelines. To apply for the BSWD grant, you must meet with your Accessibility Advisor.                                                   

To learn more about the process, please visit the Enrolment Services website.

Step 1: Complete the BSWD/CSG-PDSE application with your Accessibility Advisor. Download the application from the OSAP website.

Step 2: Enrolment Services receives and processes your application. Once it is approved, an e-mail will be sent to you directing you to check the status of your application. 

Step 3: Login to see your application status, see approved funding amounts and communicate with Enrolment Services.

Rules for using BSWD/CSG funding

What is an acceptable receipt for technical aids or technology items?

An acceptable receipt generally shows the following:

  • Date of purchase/ service (day, month, year)
  • Store name, address and phone number
  • Item(s) purchased/service(s) provided
  • Method of payment (cash, debit, credit card) and/or a clear indication on the receipt that you have paid the invoice in full.

A copy of your debit slip, credit card slip or credit card statement is also usually required unless the receipt clearly shows the method of payment.

If you are buying technical aids or technology items, larger stores usually automatically include most if not all of this information on their receipts. If you make your purchase at a smaller store, be sure that as much as the above information as possible is clearly indicated on the receipt and that the receipt is marked “Paid”.

If you are providing receipts for other items or services, you should ensure that this information is indicated on your receipt. Certain standard receipt forms for ongoing expenses are included in this package.


I have some funds left over from the purchase of the recommended items. Can I use these funds to buy something else I need?

NO. A copy of the Disability bursary application containing the breakdown of the items or services recommended by Accessibility Services is enclosed in the receipts package. You are not permitted to alter this breakdown, reallocate the funds at your own discretion or use the Disability bursary funds for items or services not recommended on the application. If you feel that you want to purchase other items or services, you need to discuss possible revisions with your Accessibility Advisor before you make the purchase. Enrolment Services needs to be notified by your Accessibility Advisor of any approved changes to your original bursary application. 

When Enrolment Services is reviewing your receipts, receipt amounts are also capped at the original amount listed for each item or service on the recommendation form. If you discover you have to spend more on certain items, you are expected to receive permission from your Accessibility Advisor before you make the purchase so that the advisor can notify Enrolment Services of the change.

Purchases not recommended by Accessibility Services will not be accepted as accounting for this bursary. You are expected to pay back any funds you have left over from the purchase of recommended items or services and follow the specific amounts for each item/service as listed on the application.


Can I use the bursary to buy paper for my printer?

Also, NO. Expendable supplies (for example: paper, batteries, pens, printer cartridges) are not covered by this bursary and will not be accepted as accounting for this bursary.


I have several tutors but I only received one copy of the tutoring receipt form. Why?

You can make as many copies of this form as you need.


Why did I not receive the full amount of my ongoing expenses?

Unless otherwise noted by your Accessibility Advisor on the BSWD/CSG-PDA application, ongoing expenses (e.g., tutors, readers, note takers, therapist, counsellor) are divided in half with the first half being paid to you in first term. You must provide the receipt form provided in your package with an estimate of your second term expense by the end of first term.


I lost my receipt for one of my purchases. Is that OK?

Inability to provide receipts because they have been lost will not be accepted as a reason for not providing receipts. Repayment of the corresponding amount will be expected by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. However, you can often obtain a duplicate receipt from the store where you made the purchase. You should always keep photocopies of your receipts and not give Enrolment Services your only copy.


I made my technology purchases online. If I print the order form is that acceptable?

Generally, no. You must also include a copy of your credit card statement clearly showing the purchase being billed to you.


My father (for example) purchased my laptop under his name so the receipt shows his name, not mine. Is that acceptable?

No, not by itself. You also need to provide a signed letter from the person who made the purchase for you that states their relationship to you, the amount of reimbursement, and that he/she has been reimbursed by you.


Can I provide a photocopy of my receipts?

Yes, if the photocopy is legible. Never provide your only receipt copy to Enrolment Services – always keep the original for your records.


What happens if I don’t provide receipts by the required deadlines?

The government requires that you pay back the outstanding amount of the bursary. Payment of Disability bursaries in future study periods is not possible until you have accounted for or repaid any outstanding Disability bursaries. In addition, failure to rectify outstanding issues concerning your Disability bursary may result in a block being placed on your OSAP or other government student aid eligibility.


Do you contact me if something is wrong with my receipts?

Yes. However, this review process can take a long time due to volume and complexity. We also have to satisfy auditing requirements set by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for these bursary funds. You should keep all of your documentation on file in case it is required at some point in the future.


I just realized that I will need more bursary funds for tutoring? Can I apply again for more bursary money?

Yes, providing you identify this need early on in the session for this service. New applications must be filled out by the bursary deadlines set each year.