Your academic accommodations and registration with our office expire every year on May 1.

Registration timelines for exam accommodations

New or returning students (if applicable) need to submit complete registration packages by October 11, 2019 for Fall term or February 7, 2020 for Winter term in order to be eligible to receive final exam accommodations, barring exceptional circumstances. 

For information on the registration process, please see the webpage New Registration.

Students registered with Accessibility Services who write their tests and exams with accommodations must register to write them with Test and Exam Services.

If you are unsure of your registration status, please contact our front desk to speak with a receptionist.

Students returning for the 2019/2020 school year

In order to have your accommodations put in place in time for the next academic session, you need to reactivate your registration with Accessibility Services.

Starting the week of May 1, students will receive emails from Accessibility Services outlining the process of reactivation that is available to them for the upcoming year.

Some students with current documentation regarding their disability and where no changes in accommodations needs are anticipated by the student and/or Accessibility Advisor will be able to renew their accommodations electronically through an individualized email.

If updated documentation is required or if you would like to discuss possible changes to accommodations, students will need to contact their Accessibility Advisor to reactivate their accommodations. You can provide the documentation by having the updated documentation form completed by your health practitioner. 

What are some reasons why I would need to meet again with my Accessibility Advisor​ and provide updated documentation?

  • Your health has changed over the past year and new treatments have been prescribed. The impact of the new treatments may require a change in your accommodations.
  • Your documentation expired on or before May 1.
  • Your Accessibility Advisor asked you to provide updated documentation in order to continue your accommodations and you have not yet provided it to the office.
  • We need to confirm that you are currently impacted by the functional limitations listed in the documentation that is on file.
  • You reported over the past year that a new disability has emerged and we do not have documentation on file to support academic accommodations related to the new disability.

What are some reasons why I need to meet with my Accessibility Advisor even if I don’t need to provide updated documentation?

  • To check in about how things went for you over the academic year
  • To review your current academic accommodations and make any necessary changes for the coming year
  • If you are in the process of being assessed for a disability but do not yet have results, to discuss what accommodations may be available until your assessment is complete

If you still have questions about whether or not you need updated documentation, please connect with your  Accessibility Advisor directly through email.

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