Sometimes a job posting includes salary information, but if not, do your research. There’s generally a standard industry range for the position. Try Career Cruising (access through the CLNx), Working in Canada and Glassdoor for tips. You can also contact your industry’s professional associations.

Salary range 

It’s a good idea to have a target salary range in mind. If asked, say it’s negotiable. In some cases, an organization’s first offer is negotiable.

More than the money 

Keep in mind that there is more to a job than money. Consider all of the job’s positive qualities, including work environment, vacation time, training opportunities, mentoring and opportunities for career growth.


If negotiation is not possible 

When you are first hired, ask if you can revisit the topic at your first performance review (usually six months after you start). If they agree, make sure you find out what expectations need to be met to have this discussion.

Academic positions

Check out our online workshop about academic interviews for information on negotiating salaries for academic positions. You can download it in PDF format below.