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Earn money while building experience and community

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Posted on August 11, 2021

By Kirsty Clarke

Apply for Work Study starting August 16.

Students who are enrolled for classes in Fall-Winter of 2021-2022 should apply for program positions for the Fall Winter 2021-22 Work Study Program starting August 16. Please check CLNx for eligibility details.

The Work Study Program offers paid, on-campus positions giving students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge, strengthen their skills and explore how their academic studies translate to career possibilities. All Work Study positions are recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) (see the CCR website to learn more). Across U of T, more than 3,500 students participate in the Work Study Program every year.

Ashleigh is one of them.

“My Work Study position has not only helped to support me financially throughout my full-time studies, it has more importantly supported my emotional well-being and my professional development as well. The team has been an incredibly fun and supportive community as I transitioned into the life of a graduate student, in the middle of a global pandemic.”

The Work Study program has student learning at the centre of the experience. Students are expected to set learning goals for the experience to help ensure they are intentional about what knowledge and skills they want to strengthen and develop in their roles.

“I’d definitely recommend Work Study to other students as it’s such a rewarding experience that not only allows you to strengthen your skills, but also to explore different learning goals,” said Amara, a second year Masters of Information student.

“For example, one of my goals I developed through my position was to learn more about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and this enabled me to become more mindful and aware. It even opened up so many learning opportunities for me by allowing me to apply these principles in my academic studies.”

To further develop skills in the program, students can complete the activities in the Work Study eModule series,  including Understanding Your Strengths, Values and Interests; Developing a Personal Learning Plan for Competency Development; and Reflecting on Your Competency and Career Development.

A Work Study experience can help anyone get to know the campus—and other students.

“As a student new to U of T, the amount of available resources and opportunities offered to Work Study students also helped to orient me to a new campus and become aware of all of the academic, personal and developmental opportunities available at the University,” says Ashleigh.

“I’ve also built really incredible mentoring relationships with several students that I have advised over the past two academic terms, and I have learned so much about the university through the diversity of the student experiences I encounter within my Work Study role.”

Students are eligible to work one position from September to February if they are a University of Toronto Student in a degree program (40% course load September to April), or working towards a thesis or dissertation. Students in a co-op work term or in the Toronto School of Theology are not eligible for Work Study. Please refer to CLNx for student eligibility criteria.

“I would recommend the Work Study program to any and all students at U of T – graduate students too! It’s the perfect opportunity to supplement your academic studies with a paid position that helps to bridge your knowledge, skills and experiences into the workforce. You’ll make really important networking connections, as well as gain access to a whole host of professional development opportunities,” says Ashleigh.

Amara agrees, “I’m very grateful for the opportunity of professional growth and development and overall enriched university experience that this Work Study position granted me. The only thing I regret is not applying to Work Study sooner!”

Spots fill up fast though—interested students should check out the listings on CLNx, and be sure to apply starting August 16.

For more tips and resources on resumes and interviewing, visit Career Exploration & Education.

To apply to positions and for more information about the Work Study Program, log in to CLNx.utoronto.ca.