You’re in your final year. Congratulations! Whether you will be working in your field, gaining more experience, travelling the world, or going back to school, now is the time to look at how to prepare for the excitement that awaits you beyond graduation.

Expand your network

Talk to people who can help you with your next steps.


How we can help

Now that you are in your final year, you have access to full-time job postings. These positions start after you graduate. You can also participate in special events, mock interviews and employer information sessions.

Whether you are exploring careers or job searching, check out our workshops or meet with one of our career educators. We’re here to help.

Student in the field at TIFF

After graduation

As a U of T graduate, you are in excellent standing as you enter the next phase in your life. In fact, according to the latest Ministry of Training, Colleges and University (MTCU) study, the overall employment rate for graduates was 91.7% two years after graduation.

Now it’s time to thrive in your own career! Whether you are working, in graduate school, or starting your own business, you will be using the same strategies you’ve learned at U of T to grow your career.


Get better and better

Know and perfect what you’re good at and always keep in mind what you really want! Where do you want to be in 18 months? Two years? Your vision will help you determine what skills you need to develop. Continue to develop your career plan and keep up with the latest trends in your areas of interest. Think about how your experiences can translate into more senior roles, and more job satisfaction!


Think like an entrepreneur

In today’s job market, because many people work on contracts, you need to think like an entrepreneur, manage your finances, define your work space, create work-life balance and promote your personal brand wherever you go!


Network, network, network!

You’ve built your network at school. Now it’s time to reach out and make new contacts!

  • Connect with alumni
  • Attend company and industry events – the more people know you, the faster you will learn about what’s available to you
  • Join mentoring programs at your company – it makes networking easier, plus, you’re usually matched with someone who’s been at the company for a while who can help you meet new people
  • Join committees that interest you
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date; your new co-workers will probably Google you (and your boss already has), so be aware of your online presence
  • Connect with your new co-workers on LinkedIn; always personalize your invitation


How we can help

You can use Career Exploration & Education services and access our job postings for up to two years after you graduate. Whether you are exploring careers or job searching, check out our workshops or meet with one of our career educators. Check out the senior year website for more information about your final years at U of T.

students smiling on graduation day