How will you find your career? Perhaps you have a “gut instinct” about the path you’ve always wanted to follow. Perhaps you want to pursue a career that is directly related to your degree, or you may talk to someone working in a career you are interested in and get inspired.

There are many ways to explore careers – whatever your path, here are some steps to get you started on your journey.

Know yourself

When making decisions about your first career – and you will likely have more than one! – it helps to know what’s important to you, what you are interested in and what skills you enjoy using. That’s why learning more about yourself, what is out there in the world of work and what careers might be a good fit is important.

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There are many career myths. Make sure you challenge them!

Myth #1: Artificial Intelligence is taking my future job 

Change is constant in the workplace and advancing technologies have always played a major role in the shifting nature of work (think about the industrial revolution)! From robotics to advanced machine-learning, the acceleration of AI creates both challenges and dynamic opportunities for new ways of working. A positive, responsive approach to skill-building and evolving work environments will put you in a position of strength. Life-long career exploration includes an attitude of enquiry, as well as an enthusiasm for adaptation and growth as new technologies emerge. 

Exploring entrepreneurship

Interested in exploring what it means to be an entrepreneur? Whether you’d like to start a business or are searching for ways to apply creativity in the workplace, entrepreneurial competencies like creativity, curiosity, and courage are essential for navigating the career development process. 

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