Studying remotely can mean that we are more prone to distractions from our computers, phones and other digital devices. Minimize distractions by using website blocking or focus apps and log out of your social media accounts while you attend your online classes or do your school work. See below for some apps you might want to try out.

Create or find a quiet study space for yourself. Working at a table, instead of on a couch or in bed, can help you have access to all your supplies and keep you focused on your tasks. Ask your roommates or family members to give you space and support while you study.


Documents Handouts to guide your learning
Apps and tech Technology to support your learning needs
Helpful services Additional services and resources at U of T
More information Further reading and related information

Apps and assistive technology

We have used some of the apps and websites listed below, and others have come to our attention from students who have found them helpful.

Disclaimer: the University of Toronto does not officially endorse the apps and sites listed here, and  may not be held responsible for any technological problems that arise from their use. Please use at your own discretion.

Students with disabilities may receive academic accommodations including the support of assistive technologies. Please contact Accessibility Services for more information.

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Helpful services

The University’s buildings are closed in response to COVID-19, and alternative arrangements vary. You can check out the following links to see if there are any updates from each service:

Peer support

Aid centres

Departmental tutoring

Most departments have a list of upper year and/or graduate tutors. Please note that most of these tutors charge fees for their services, and are not always endorsed by the University. Please make use of them at your own discretion.