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Getting here, getting involved—and more stories from international students just like you!

Four students smiling and walking together outside.
Photo: Rodnae Productions on pexels.com

Posted August 15, 2022

By Kirsty Clarke

If you’re new to university life in Canada, check out “International Students: Stories and Strategies for Academic Success in Postsecondary Education,” a rich new e-book featuring tips and insights for international students.

Accessibly written and brimming with warmth, humour and personal stories, this e-book is a resource for international students at any stage of their academic experience. It’s co-authored by three learning specialists at U of T Academic Success (Yaseen Ali, Rahul Bhat, John Hannah) along with an international student alumna (Sherrie Xu) and an instructional media developer (Tesni Ellis). Readers will find information, advice and strategies helpful for making successful transitions, from planning and anticipating arrival in Canada, to engaging in experiences and reflecting upon them afterwards.

The book includes audio and video content from international students currently studying in Ontario, who offer insights from their own experiences. There’s information related to finances, housing, shopping, driving, finding community, language, campus life, and even study strategies.

You can find the book through the link above or through eCampusOntario’s Pressbooks site.