Take notes on online lecture content like you would in class. For example, put concepts in your own words and illustrate ideas with examples. Create your own practice questions and summarize course content as you review. Check out our How to Take Notes from Classes handout below.

Treat online classes like an in-person class: set dedicated time each week for each online lecture. You may be tempted only to review lectures right before the exam, but learning takes time.

Stay up-to-date and familiarize yourself with your learning platform(s). Check your email and Quercus daily for updates as there may be important changes to your courses. Put aside time to ensure you know where all the resources are located and how to engage with your classes. If you can’t find something, be sure to ask!


Online Resources Online resources guide your learning
Online learning Online workshops, videos and activities for independent learning
Apps and tech Technology to support your learning needs
Helpful services Additional services and resources at U of T

Apps and assistive technology

We have used some of the apps and websites listed below, and others have come to our attention from students who have found them helpful.

Disclaimer: the University of Toronto does not officially endorse the apps and sites listed here, and  may not be held responsible for any technological problems that arise from their use. Please use at your own discretion.

Students with disabilities may receive academic accommodations including the support of assistive technologies. Please contact Accessibility Services for more information.

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