Why study alone when you can study with friends?


The Academic Success Study Hubs provide a supportive community for undergraduate students where quiet and welcoming spaces allow you to complete readings, work on assignments and prepare for exams with the support of academic peer leaders.


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Peer Leader MG Martha Ghebreselassie
Peer Leader SA Sean Abtahi
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How it works

Drop in to one or all of the Study Hubs throughout the term. At the beginning of each session, an academic peer leader will help you set an achievable study goal and the rest of the time will be dedicated to quiet studying.

Our academic peer leaders can provide study tips and can help you connect with academic resources, but they aren’t tutors and won’t cover specific course content.

We also have some light and healthy snacks on hand!


Schedule & Locations

The Study Hubs run in different classrooms across campus so you can easily drop in between different classes.

Fall locations: Sidney Smith Hall (SS), Wilson Hall in New College (WI), University College (UC)

             Mondays (3 - 5 p.m.) – SS 2123
             Tuesdays (3 - 5 p.m.) – WI 2006
             *Thursdays (12 - 3 p.m.) – UC 152

*Note: On Thursday, October 20th, 2016, the Study Hubs will run from 12 - 1 p.m. in UC 152. We will return to the regular schedule the week of October 31st.

Winter locations: Bahen Centre (BA), University College (UC)

             Mondays (4 - 6 p.m.) – UC 44
             Tuesdays (10 a.m.- 12 p.m.) – UC 55
             Thursdays (3 - 5 p.m.) – BA 2139

Martha Ghebreselassie

Hello everyone! My name is Martha Ghebreselassie and I will be one of the peer leaders at the Academic Success Centre. I am a student at Woodsworth College and am currently specializing in Pharmacology. My background is Ethiopian but I was born and raised in Toronto.

Favourite U of T course:

The best course I’ve taken so far at U of T was PSY100 with Prof. Dolderman. He is a great professor and despite being in the 3 hour lecture, he made it fun and entertaining.

Favourite U of T space:

My favourite place on campus is up on the 13th floor of Robarts. It’s super quiet and the view is amazing.

What I like to do for fun:

In my free time I like to read and go to the movies. I love movie recommendations!

Matha G Peer Leader

Sean Abtahi

Hi all!  My name is Sean Abtahi and I am a third-year student at St. Michael’s college with a double major in Biochemistry and Physics.  I was born in Iran and moved to Toronto when I was very young, but I haven’t forgotten my Farsi!

Favourite U of T course:

My favourite course at U of T has to be HPS100 as taught by Prof. Barseghyan. This course exposed me to the realm of philosophy in a manner that was very relevant to my studies in science and Prof. Barseghyan was extremely enthusiastic and passionate about the material.

Favourite U of T space:

My favourite place on campus is King’s College Circle because it’s where my friends and I usually throw around a football or start a game of soccer during our breaks from classes.

What I like to do for fun:

In my spare time I love to play sports, particularly tennis!

Sean Abtahi Peer Leader


No registration required! Just drop by any session. For more information, please contact Rahul Bhat, Learning Strategist, at rahul.bhat@utoronto.ca