Quantum Healing is a workshop series exploring how quantum science, consciousness and spirituality can support our interdependent work toward creating emerging futures. Using visualization, meditation, creative writing and story-telling, we will examine the stories we tell ourselves and one another about our preferred and possible futures. The program creates a space for healing and reclaiming the powerful ways stories impact our perceptions of ourselves, those around us and our environment to generate stories that heal across time and space. 

The program is open to all University of Toronto students. 

Light refreshments and snacks will be provided. 

Presented by the Multi-Faith Centre in partnership with the Black Students' Association, Transitional Years Programme and Hart House.

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Dates & Location Quantum Healing runs from February 6 to March 6, 2018 (excluding Reading Week)
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Facilitator Sharrae Lyon is a trans-disciplinary artist and community educator

Program Dates

Tuesday, February 6, 3:10- 6pm - Body as Earth, Earth as Home
Tuesday, February 13: 3:10-6 pm - Connecting to our Womb-Space
Tuesday, February 27, 3:10-6 pm - Power and Inner Security
Tuesday, March 6, 3:10-6 pm - Transforming Our Vision Toward Love

Quantum Healing runs from February 6 to March 6, 2018 (excluding Reading Week).



Multi-Faith Centre
569 Spadina Avenue (Entrance via Bancroft Avenue) MAP
KP208, 2nd Floor

This building is wheelchair accessible. 


Register now for the Quantum Healing Series

To honor the process, we ask registrants to attend all four sessions.

Meet the Facilitator

Sharrae Lyon is a transdisciplinary artist and community educator who believes in science-fiction and the imagination as tools we can use to project ourselves into the future, where we can heal traumas past and present. Sharrae has facilitated critical conversations and experiential workshops in Toronto, Montreal, Guelph, Halifax and Detroit. She has given talks at the University of Toronto, Dalhousie University and Summerworks Performance Arts Festival. She is a member of Conscious Minds Cooperative (CMC). Sharrae recently completed her short film, "Delayed Echoes." Sharrae works as the Social Innovator at Children's Peace Theatre, where she draws on her interest in art as a healing modality, permaculture and education.

Sharrae Lyon