Faculty and staff play a key role in facilitating students’ learning processes and helping them get recognition through their Co-Curricular Records. Learn about how you can help here. 


Info Sessions These information sessions provide an introduction to the Co-Curricular Record
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CCR Information Sessions

These information sessions provide an introduction to the Co-Curricular Record for staff and faculty at the University of Toronto. Topics covered include:

  • What the CCR is and why was it developed
  • Progress of the CCR initiative
  • How to add opportunities to the database
  • How to validate student participants

To request a session, please email ccr@utoronto.ca.

Validator Sign up

Help us recognize student clubs and organizations on the new University-wide Co-Curricular Record.  

Student leaders are the drivers of the CCR. Your role as a validator is to help facilitate students’ learning processes and to ensure that they complete the responsibilities outlined in the CCR submission in order to be recognized on their Co-Curricular Records.

Validator responsibilities include:

  • Register for a CCR account if you have not already done so
  • Review the organization’s CCR submission that has been approved by the Local Evaluation Committee to understand roles and responsibilities (Nov-Dec)
  • Meet with the student leaders 3 times/year for 30 minutes (see suggested meeting outlines in the "Expectation of Validators" document)
  • Upload the list of student UTORids into the CCR system for the students who completed their role (April-May)
  • Minimum commitment time: 4 hours/year


Student leader responsibilities include:

Student leaders will be responsible for the bulk of the work. This will include:

  • Attending a mandatory CCR training session
  • Filling out the CCR submission form
  • Completing a goal setting exercise, logging attendance and activities, and completing transition reports
  • Putting forth the list of students who should be validated
  • Liaising with the validator to ensure that students are validated and the CCR process is complete

Please see the expectations of CCR validators document (Documents section) for more information on the process and suggested meeting outlines. 


To sign up as a volunteer staff or faculty validator, please complete the following form.

NOTE: If you are already acting as a validator and have connected with an organization, you DO NOT need to fill out the form.

Submitting Opportunities for CCR Recognition

Login to your faculty/staff account on the CLNx to learn how to submit an opportunity and more.