The Chaplains

We are a multi-faith organization that reflects the multi-ethnic and multi-faith complexion of the University of Toronto. We help bridge the intellectual understanding of spirituality and the living reality of faith. We are there at critical moments to facilitate rites of passage – weddings, funerals, memorial services.

  • We offer spiritual support from a holistic perspective.
  • We are not bound by being part of the academic reporting system of the university.
  • We are committed to helping people (students, staff and faculty) grow to wholeness through a search for meaning in life, an exploration of spiritualities and an examination of moral and ethical issues.

For general information regarding the Campus Chaplains Association or to inquire about an appointment call: 416-946-3119

Connect with a chaplain

Call or e-mail a chaplain whenever you have questions or want to connect:

  • To find community on campus
  • For counselling
  • For events information (retreats, religious celebrations, forums on critical issues)
  • For interest and discussion groups (regular groups meet throughout the year)
  • For worship opportunities on campus (many groups hold regular worship services)

Click here for a list of chaplains.

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Why connect?

1. Care and support

The demands on students, faculty and staff at U of T are both exciting and challenging. Course workloads reflect the increasing complexity of our culture, while funding cut-backs often create expanded job expectations. We need the caring support of one another, the pastoral care of trained counsellors and opportunities for prayer and meditation. The Campus Chaplains are here to care for you. Call on us.

2. Justice and ethics 

How can a deeper understanding of the great religious moral imperatives – e.g. love your neighbour, care for the earth – contribute to creating a more just and compassionate society? Each of our religious groups has a wealth of tradition and literature to study and savour, offering inspiration to act ethically and wisely. Join us in reflection and action.

3. Worship, communal awe and thanksgiving

Who are we in the universe? Where have we come from? Where are we going? How do we account for the good and bad in our lives? These are not problems to be solved but mysteries with which we all live. In the community gathered we can inspire and support each other to live graciously – even without all the answers. You are welcome to join as we gather to worship.

4. Pluralism 

Every day we come into contact with people of different belief systems and different cultural backgrounds. Each of the religious groups represented by the Campus Chaplains is searching for new ways to live peacefully with its neighbours. We invite you to join us in exploring this challenge and opportunity for our society.

Addressing aggressive religious recruitment

One of the great characteristics of the University of Toronto is its vibrant religious and cultural diversity. While at U of T, you may want to explore your own faith, belief, or philosophy by joining a religious group or club. Most students have positive experiences with faith-based groups recognized by the University of Toronto. However, you should be aware that high-pressure, aggressive groups do exist, and you may be approached by a member of one of these groups. You should be especially wary of off-campus groups. 

Such groups may be overly zealous in their attempts to get you to join them. These aggressive groups don't respect the pursuit of learning in a free and open environment and may try to isolate you from your family and friends. They often insist on complete obedience to their leaders and religious principles. They’re extremely persistent and their invitations are often very hard to refuse without feeling guilty or shamed.

Find out more more about addressing aggressive religious recruitment.