The Faculty Advisory Committee advises the Centre for Community Partnerships and advocates for community-engaged learning at the University of Toronto.

The CCP Faculty Advisory Committee is comprised of:

  • Two co-chairs
  • The Director of the Centre for Community Partnerships, the Senior Director, Student Experience and the Vice-Provost of Innovations in Undergraduate Education
  • 10-12 members with experience teaching using a community-engaged learning approach and publishing scholarship on community-engaged teaching and learning

Diverse representation (campuses, faculties, colleges, departments, rank, teaching and research streams, seniority at U of T, experience in CEL teaching and learning and community engagement) is of utmost importance.

The committee meets two times per year (early Fall term, early Spring term). 

Chairs serve a three-year term and members serve a two-year term.


Schedule Meetings for 2019-2020
Activities What committee members will do
Membership 2019-2020 Committee Members


The 2019-2020 meetings are TBD​.


  • Provide feedback to CCP staff regarding faculty support, programming and the direction of the faculty development portfolio.
  • Provide feedback to the CCP about their experiences teaching community-engaged learning courses, including benefits, barriers and other related issues.
  • Identify and develop strategies for institutionalizing community-engaged learning more fully at the University of Toronto (e.g. Building the profile of community-engaged learning, attracting new faculty and units (departments, colleges, faculties) to the approach, integrating community-engaged learning into institutional priorities at various levels of the University of Toronto and identifying, advocating and promoting various rewards and incentives for faculty members using this engaged approach.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the profile of the CCP (key messages, methods of promoting the CCP to faculty and academic administrators).

Membership 2019-2020

  • Ahmed Allahwala, Co-chair
  • David Roberts, Co-chair


  • Heather Kelly, Ex-officio
  • Susan McCahan, Ex-officio
  • Amelia Merrick, Ex-officio


  • Michelle Arnot
  • Alan Chong
  • Kathleen Gallagher
  • Pam Gravestock
  • Jon Johnson
  • Fok-Han Leung
  • David Montemurro
  • John Robinson
  • Carol Rolheiser
  • Suzanne Sicchia
  • Joan Simalchik
  • Olivier St-Cyr
  • Bettina von Lieres