Starting Point, previously known as the Blueprint program, is a build-your-own-experience program that introduces you to all the U of T has to offer and will set you up for success during your first year. Each week you will receive an email with helpful information including what is happening across campus, and you’ll choose which workshops and activities interest you most and fit your schedule.

While the program runs September – April, the summer is a great time to register so you will receive timely information to help you start strong.

Sign up for Starting Point. The weekly email will help you choose the eight workshops and the involvement activity that fits your interests and schedule, in additional to timely tips on adjusting to life at U of T.

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How to participate Taking part in Starting Point is easy and fun
Why participate? Learn what U of T has to offer
Contact us If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the program coordinator by email at

How to participate

How to participate

  1. Register for the program. Once registered, you will be added to Starting Point’s weekly email distribution list, and you can start tracking your progress online.

  2. Read the weekly email, filled with upcoming workshops and involvement activities, to choose the offerings that best fit your interests and your schedule and to get timely tips on a successful transition to U of T.

  3. Attend workshops and record your progress through CLNx.

  4. Participate in an involvement activity, whether it is joining a club or a team, becoming a volunteer, attending a conference, or getting involved at U of T in some other way.

  5. Write a short reflection about what you learned by participating in the program.

Successful completion of the Starting Point program will be recognized on your Co-Curricular Record.

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Why participate?

Starting Point is designed to introduce you to U of T and its culture, to the many programs and services available to you, and to the wealth of opportunities for involvement on-campus.

Flexibility. Starting Point was created to fit your interests and your schedule, and to introduce you to the great workshops already happening across U of T. All you need to do is choose which workshops you wish to attend, register using the links provided, attend the session, and keep track of your attendance through CLNx.

Try something new. You will need to attend the required number of workshops in each of the learning areas – which adds up to eight workshops in total. There might be some that seem easy to complete, while others might be a bit more of a challenge. These areas were selected to give you exposure to the different areas of student life that will set you up for a balanced, successful, first year. The learning areas are:

  • Academic Skills
  • Leadership, Equity & Civic Engagement
  • Career Exploration
  • Health & Well-being
  • Personal Interest

For the Personal Interest workshop slot, you may select and record any workshop on any topic you wish (including extra workshops from the other learning areas).

Stay informed. Each week you will receive an email with the listing of all the workshops available in the following two weeks, including descriptions and links to register. The emails will also include timely information about things happening on campus and information to help you transition smoothly to U of T.

Have fun. Through the workshops and activities there are lots of fun topics to explore, and an opportunity to meet other students and make new friends.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the program coordinator by email at