Recognized clubs and groups are eligible to apply for Co-Curricular Record validation!

The CCR will:

  • Help you advertise and promote your organization. You will be included in the CCR online directory.
  • Help you and your organization identify the skills you’ve developed.
  • Recognize your involvement on an official university record. 
  • Assist in the transition between this years executives and the next years. 



CCR clubs and groups training

Clubs and Groups are required to have a U of T faculty or staff member to serve as their validator AND attend CCR training.  

1-2 representatives from each club/group must attend a CCR training session in order to begin the process of getting their club/group on the CCR. Please note: the representative(s) who attend the training session will be the one(s) required to fill out the application form and complete the CCR process throughout the year. This is an additional responsibility and should be considered before selecting the representatives.  

At this training, student leaders will:

  • learn about the process of adding their club or group to the CCR and gain access to the submission form
  • learn how to find a staff/faculty validator
  • learn what individuals within their club/group will need to do to have their positions validated at the end of the year
  • learn about accessing the CCR Clubs & Groups resources available 

Register now to attend the CCR training session!

NOTE: If your club/group was previously recognized on the CCR, you do not have to attend this training session (although you are encouraged to, if you do not know about the CCR). Your group will receive a renewal email reminder in the fall. If you have any questions about your group’s status or the renewal process, email