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Validation Time on the CCR!

To get validated on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), select the position you participated in and request validation so that your validator can approve it once you have fulfilled all of the requirements.

30th March 2017
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Become an Orientation Leader

Winter term is when applications for Orientation Leaders will become available. Find out more from your college or faculty Orientation team!

Event Highlights

students repairing a bike

Grad Talk: Bike Safety & Maintenance

Bikechain will provide you with tips and resources on cycling safely in the city and go over the basic bike maintenance you can do at home. May 2, 4-5:30 p.m. Details and registration.

2nd May 2017


It's the beginning of winter term and a brand new year. Over the last few months, you've had a chance to become accustomed to the demands of your coursework, research and other important commitments, but now you feel like something is missing...

Getting engaged in your campus community is an important part of university life. By participating in co-curricular activities you’ll meet friends, have fun and maybe even discover a new passion. There are many places to find information on how to get involved, but there are a few great places to start:

The Blueprint Program is an easy way to get involved in life outside the classroom. Through a series of engaging workshops and activities, you will develop skills and learn more about what's available to you on campus.

The Co-Curricular Record can help you find opportunities and understand the skills you’ve acquired just by doing what you love. And it will all be recorded on an official U of T document that recognizes how awesome you are!

If you're a grad student, then Gradlife is for you. Gradlife connects, engages and supports graduate students across campus through co-curricular events, workshops and useful resources. So why not check out a Grad Escape or Grad Talk?

Whatever you decide to do, getting involved on campus is a great way to compliment your studies and explore your interests. And best of all - it's never too late to start!

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