We asked upper-year students on Twitter to share what they wish they had known in first year. Here’s a selection of their responses:

“If you’re struggling, get help immediately! Profs, TAs and peers are not going to judge you & are really nice!” -Tanvi

“Make blackboard your homepage and check it every day! Missed some online quizzes because I forgot about them.” -Simone

“There are 44 libraries to explore amongst the 3 campuses! Library challenge anyone? Haha” -Melissa

“I wish I had known that the end goal of university wasn’t a degree, but rather to grow as a person.” -Hamza

“There is an extended health plan for all U of T undergrads covering prescription drugs and dental.” – Kanishk

“I wish I had known that not all textbooks needed to be brand new!” -Komal

“Don’t beat yourself up if your grades drop in your first year. It’s a big adjustment!” – Talia

“Don’t just focus on the big things! Enjoy the little victories and meeting new people.” -Jane

“The library is not the only quiet space to study, empty lecture halls and rooms work too.” -Sunny

“Believe in yourself. The moment you stop is the moment when giving up seems like the right thing but I assure you it’s not.” -Joanne

“U of T is such a vibrant place to be with so many ways to get involved – get started ASAP and don’t look back!” -Hope

“I wish I knew about the credit/no credit option for breadth requirement courses in first year.” -Lisa

“Find a mentor and take as much initiative as possible.” -N