Some come from farther away than others, but most students commute to campus.


Get a discounted student pass

You can get your TTC Metropass for a reduced rate at the University of Toronto Students’ Union. Go Transit student ID cards are available at the TCard office.


Try two wheels

If you don’t have a bicycle of your own, you can get a discount with bike-rental service Bike Share from the University of Toronto Students’ Union. It’s a convenient and inexpensive way to get around downtown Toronto and the St. George campus.


Shuttle off to UTM

You can catch a shuttle to University of Toronto Mississauga several times a day from Hart House Circle.


Get involved

Students who get involved tend to do better in school overall. Make sure you get the full U of T experience by spending time on campus outside of the classroom.


Use your transit time

If your commute is long, use it to study or to relax. Start a blog on your commuting experiences. Get a high score on a game! (Just remember your headphones.)


Get a locker

Check with your registrar or student council to see about locker rentals so you can have a place to drop your stuff.


Bring lunch

There are microwaves all over campus, so you can save money by heating up your own lunch when you get here. If you expect to buy food on campus, get yourself a meal plan.