Teaching a community-engaged learning course

Students in community-engaged learning courses are more engaged in their learning, build stronger relationships with their professors, and develop complex critical thinking skills. The Centre for Community Partnerships supports University of Toronto faculty in the design and development of community-engaged learning courses. We offer consultations, resources, services, faculty development events and workshops to help you launch successful community-engaged learning courses using a service-learning pedagogical approach.



Faculty Podcast Series Learn about how and why faculty member incorporate community-engaged learning
Workshops and Events Learn and share new strategies on community-engaged learning
Services for Faculty Learn about the services and resources provided to you
CCP Faculty Advisory Committee Learn about the CCP Faculty Advisory Committee
Faculty Research on Community-Engaged Learning Learn about Faculty research on Community-engaged learning

Faculty Podcast Series

  • Episode #1: Listen to faculty members Ahmed Allahwala and Amrita Amrita Daniere discuss how and why they incorporate community-engaged teaching and research into their work at U of T. 
  • Episode #2: Listen to faculty members Joan Simalchik and Laura Beth Bugg discuss teaching community-engaged learning at U of T.  [NEW] 

Workshops and other events

Attend our faculty workshops and events to learn from your colleagues and share strategies and resources around community-engaged learning.


Services for faculty

The Centre for Community Partnerships offers a variety of services and resources to support community-engaged learning course development including a faculty e-newsletter, professional development opportunities, community partner connections, and support for designing courses and assignments.


Faculty Advisory Committee

The Faculty Advisory Committee plays an advisory role for the Centre for Community Partnerships and an advocacy role for community-engaged learning at the University of Toronto. 

Learn more about the CCP Faculty Advisory Committee, including membership activities and meetings.

Faculty research on community-engaged learning

In addition to teaching community-engaged learning courses, many faculty members at the University of Toronto undertake research on innovative community-engaged teaching and learning experiences. The Centre for Community Partnerships supports this important work through facilitating events or publishing scholarship on community-engaged learning and by providing editorial and proposal development services for faculty research on community-engaged learning. Contact us to discuss your research plans.