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Family Care Office

Here at the University of Toronto we believe that your family care responsibilities should never take away from your university experience. Across its three campuses the University is dedicated to supporting students with family commitments, aiding them in successfully completing their studies while caring for family members and themselves. The Family Care Office understands the […]

Housing tips for students with families

Students with families have a number of housing options. University Family Housing 416-978-8049 For on-campus living, University Family Housing has apartment buildings at 30 and 35 Charles Street West and units at Huron-Sussex on the St. George campus. UTM Family Housing also offers townhouses for students with families on the Mississauga campus. To apply, login […]

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Residence application for students with families

This information is for students with families studying across the three campuses. The StarRez Portal is the tool you will use to apply for on-campus residence. The residence guarantee does not apply to family housing. Vacancies in family housing are limited, particularly for those looking to move in September. STEP 1 Explore your residence options: U of T St. George: University […]

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Grad inventory

We’ve pulled together an inventory of programs, services and resources at U of T that are specific to graduate students, all in one place! Find opportunities through Student Life, Hart House, Family Care Office, School of Graduate Studies and your own graduate department. Browse our full Student Life programs & services directory for opportunities open […]

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Learn about significant religious and cultural days

Explore the list below of significant religious, spiritual and cultural days around the world every year. Learn more about the holidays of different faith and ethnic groups, when they are celebrated and how to greet or acknowledge those who observe. Calendar of Significant Dates (PDF)

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Residence vacancies and waitlists

Students who do not qualify for the residence guarantee are welcome to apply to join the waitlist via the StarRez Portal. Completing an application does not guarantee a space in residence. For additional information on the individual residence wait lists, please contact the residence office at the residence that you are interested in. The individual […]

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Winter break housing options

During this winter break period, some U of T residences will remain open, while others will require residents to vacate their residence building. They may also have unique operational dates that differ from the general University closure dates. Students currently living in a residence that will close for the winter break cannot apply to stay […]

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Annual Food and Toy Drive

Each fall, Housing Services, the Family Care Office, University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU), the Varsity Blues and U of T Campus Moving come together for U of T’s annual Food and Toy Drive. All proceeds of the drive will be given to student families registered with the UTSU Food Bank. This year we are collecting […]

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Gender-affirming care services at Health & Wellness

The medical and mental health clinics at Health & Wellness support you with a range of gender-affirming medical and mental health care services no matter what stage of transition you are at. Family medicine physicians at Health & Wellness provide gender-affirming medical care through assessment, advice and treatment regarding medical transition with hormone therapy. This […]

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Talk to your professors

Getting to know people at a university as big as U of T can be hard, and it can be especially intimidating when it comes to your professors. But some of your instructors might just be looking for a chance to get to know their students. Read Reaching out to Instructors (PDF) for guidance on […]

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