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Seeds of Change

Join the new Seeds of Change Food Justice Program and have an impact on the food crisis in the city. Seeds of Change connects you with volunteer opportunities at a local nonprofit or grassroots organization that addresses food security or food justice issues. Learn from community experts, reflect on your learning and meet other students […]

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When to connect with Accessibility Services staff

Download: When to connect with Accessibility Services staff (PDF) When should I book an appointment with my accessibility advisor? To discuss the impact of your disability on your academic work. To request assistance accessing the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) & receive referrals for assessments. To review updated medical documentation. To discuss changes to […]

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Career supports for students with disabilities

In partnership with Accessibility Services and led by the Career Educator, Accessibility, Steven Lappano – we offer meaningful career supports for students who identify as having a disability to explore what you can do with your degree, discover job opportunities in a variety of fields and industries, and consider further education options and plans. Connect […]

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Learn about harm reduction

What is harm reduction? Harm reduction is an evidence-based approach to programs and policies that aims to reduce the negative impacts of risky health behaviours. At its core, harm reduction is about meeting people where they are and respecting their individual autonomy and dignity. For example, rather than expecting students to completely abstain from behaviours […]

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Social Connections

Looking for an opportunity to connect with fellow students registered with Accessibility Services or who identify as living with a disability? Hoping to develop new friendships? Then this group is for you! The group meets up once a month to play games, enjoy light snacks, and discuss mutual interests and topics in a supportive, relaxed […]

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Soul Care Book Club Series

Discover ways to explore identities and relationships through shared reading. Engage in self-reflection and connect with peers through this shared experience of reading and discussing a book of the term. This program is in collaboration with First Nations House.

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Our Stories

Explore your identity and telling your story through layered creative expressions of writing, selfies and video recordings.

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Interfaith Meals

Food and the communal experience of sharing meals is an important aspect of many cultural and religious identities. Join the Multi-Faith Centre to try new foods and learn about their significance, engage in interfaith dialogue and connect with the U of T community. Through this experience, increase your knowledge of religious diversity by exploring: The […]

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Interfaith Movies & Connections

Interfaith movie nights are a fun opportunity to relax and connect. Watch films highlighting a diverse array of faith traditions and experiences.

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Global Communities of Care

Global issues, such as war, natural disasters, epidemics, disease, social and political injustice, and ongoing world issues have profound and far-reaching impacts that extend beyond geographical boundaries. Students with personal connections to the places and people affected by these problems often face unique challenges and emotional burdens, both in their personal lives and in their […]

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