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From CLNx to Folio: A new system for Student Life

Posted on May 6, 2024 By Sarah Ryeland-Etienne Student Life has moved to a new online registration platform called Folio – a system that allows students to search, browse and register for and track engagement with events, services, programs and appointments. Integrated with digital systems across the University of Toronto, Folio provides users with a […]

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Introducing the Centre for Learning Strategy Support

Posted on May 1, 2024 By Sarah Ryeland-Etienne Academic Success has changed its name to the Centre for Learning Strategy Support (CLSS), effective May 1, 2024. While the name is new, the work will remain the same. Students can continue to meet with Learning Strategists and trained peers dedicated to helping them enhance their approach […]

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Counselling services for BIPOC students

Health & Wellness is committed to supporting the mental health needs of BIPOC students. The mental health clinic offers counselling services tailored to students who self-identify as Black, Indigenous and Persons of Colour. These services strive to provide a safe and collaborative space that offers BIPOC students all the supports of a same-day counselling appointment, […]

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Trans and gender diverse students can experience unique stressors because of transphobia, discrimination and social stigma. These experiences of gender-related minority stress can affect their health and overall wellbeing, but students can learn strategies to reduce their impact. Transcending is an 8-week Cognitive Behavioural Therapy group that strives to provide a safe space for trans […]

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Explore medical services

We provide a wide range of medical services for U of T students. These services include routine health care services, such as sexual and reproductive health counselling, allergy care, nutrition consultation, and support with many other health concerns. Most of our services are covered by your Canadian provincial health plans or university health insurance plan […]

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Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Health & Wellness

Get answers to the most common questions about Health & Wellness at the University of Toronto. If you have a question that’s not answered here, you can call the centre at 416-978-8030 or email hwc.info@utoronto.ca Making an Appointment Wait Times and Eligibility Changing Your Provider Service Fees Accessing Health Services […]

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Open Palms: Monthly Jewish-Muslim Prayer Space

Come together in prayer and connection with others grieving, raging, feeling despair and fear. This is a space to resist the impulse to separate and divide, reach towards one another in grief, and pray for deep and lasting healing for all those impacted by the violence and war in the Middle East. You are invited […]

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Guide to U of T websites

Learn more about what you can use each U of T website for. ACORN/ROSI Folio CLNx Accessibility Clockwork Portal Quercus […]

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Communication & Conflict Resolution Training

Join a transformative workshop series on effective communication and conflict resolution tailored for both graduate and undergraduate students. Gain essential skills to navigate and resolve conflicts, and foster a positive and collaborative academic environment through five engaging workshops. Hone active listening, communicate with confidence and resolve conflicts constructively. Elevate your interpersonal skills to help you […]

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Working in teams

Working with classmates on group assignments can offer several benefits to your learning, including refining your communication skills, deepening your understanding of course material and engaging points of view that are different from your own. However, collaborating on teams can sometimes be challenging due to new dynamics. Keep in mind that: You and your group […]

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