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Why you should apply to Work Study this summer

This summer, all positions in the Work Study Program will be offered remotely due to the current circumstances of COVID-19.

If you are enrolled in at least 0.5 credits during the summer, you have the opportunity to gain paid work experience from home during your studies.

Here are 4 benefits to applying to the Work Study Program this summer:

Explore career possibilities

You can apply to a wide range of positions across the University and not just within your program of study. You can apply to any position available depending on your interests and experience.

Libby West is a coordinator for Work Study and shares her experience as a past participant of the program, “Having been a Work Study student at U of T myself and now hiring my own team of Work Study students, I understand firsthand the value of the experience and what is possible. Work Study is an opportunity to explore new areas of interest, discover and strengthen your skills, and find community.”

Expand your network and make connections

A Work Study position can a great opportunity to connect with U of T staff, faculty and other student staff to form invaluable relationships.

“Six years later and I’m still good friends with my Work Study colleague, and I know many of my Work Study staff have remained friends (and became roommates!),” shares Libby.

Strengthen your skills and enhance your learning

Work Study can show you how workplace skills relate to and are supported by academic skills.

“Even without intention, Work Study can be a great development opportunity. But I also know that with some goals in mind from the start, the benefits of your experience can be exponential,” adds Libby.

According to the 2019 Work Study Survey, students who set learning goals for their Work Study placement were significantly more likely to “strongly agree” with the statements: “I gained a better appreciation of the concepts I learned in the classroom and their application to employment” and “I strengthened my knowledge and technical skills in areas related to my field of study.”

The Work Study team has developed eModules to help you make the most of your work experience. These modules will help you to recognize your strengths, set goals and reflect on your career development throughout the program.

Work from home with flexible hours

Staff and faculty at U of T understand your priorities as a student and work can often be adjusted to fit your schedule. You can work a maximum of 15 hours per week and a total of 100 hours during the entire program.

For tips on working remotely, here are some resources collected by the Work Study team at Career Exploration & Education:

You can apply to positions from April 30 – May 29, but deadlines may vary between positions, so apply early!

Upcoming online workshops that you may find helpful:

For more tips and resources on resumes and interviewing, visit Career Exploration & Education.

To apply to positions and for more information about the Work Study Program, log in to CLNx.utoronto.ca.