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We’re moving!

Updated October 12, 2022

By Kirsty Clarke

Beginning in September, 2022, there will be big changes coming to the Koffler Student Services Centre. A major renovation to improve and update the Health & Wellness Centre (following the recommendations of the Student Mental Health Task Force and the commitment of the President and Provost) will add lots of space and improve access to the building overall.

“We’re delighted by the commitment to improving the space to enhance services to students,” said Janine Robb, Executive Director, Health & Wellness.

The renovation will bring all Health & Wellness services together on one floor, with spaces tailored to meet student needs and improve accessibility; increase space available to serve students; improve entryways and access (including elevators); and update different areas to meet modern student needs.

Proposed changes include spacious meeting rooms, light-filled offices for consultations, a smudging room, airy indoor gathering spaces, and dramatic glass-enclosed ramps to connect newly constructed floors to the existing building.

Render of new Health & Wellness reception area.
Reception area renovation design.

The process is expected to take about 36 months. To facilitate the renovations, some Student Life services will be moving during the construction. Here are the details:

Health & Wellness will be moving to 700 Bay Street (Bay and Gerrard) on November 9, 2022. It will be closed for in-person medical appointments from noon on Tuesday, November 8 until Monday, November 14 and in-person mental health appointments from Monday, November 7 until Monday, November 14. Students are encouraged to check in with local Urgent Care Clinics if you need in-person services during that time. Virtual appointments for some services will still be available.

The new temporary space has been specifically designed to meet Health & Wellness staff and student needs, and to expand and improve the space available for services. It’s minutes from the existing location, and provides bright, modern, accessible space close to the TTC and other helpful services, including a pharmacy.

Outside view of 700 Bay Street building.
700 Bay Street.
Map showing 15-minute walking from Koffler Student Services Centre on College Street. Go east then turn right on Bay Street. Go south on Bay Street then turn left on Gerrard Street West to find 700 Bay Street.
15-minute walk from Koffler Student Services Centre to 700 Bay Street.

“The new temporary space will represent an improvement over existing conditions,” said Robb. “That expanded office space, and the longer-term renovations at Koffler Student Services Centre, will significantly increase our capacity to meet student healthcare needs.”

Office space in 700 Bay Street.
Hallway with multiple rooms on the right.
A hallway and rooms in 700 Bay Street.

The following Student Life offices will be moving to 800 Bay Street (Bay and College) September 24 and 26. In-person operations will be closed from September 26 – 28, but online services will still be available. 800 Bay Street will open on September 29. These bright, modern offices include workroom and meeting spaces, along with easy access to downtown transportation and services, within walking distance to campus.

  • Academic Success
  • Communications
  • Career Exploration & Education
  • Housing
  • Information Technology
  • Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
  • Student Crisis and Student Progress & Support
  • Student Experience
  • Student Life Programs & Services
  • Student Success
  • TCard Services
View of 800 Bay building.
800 Bay Street.
12-minute walk from Koffler Student Services Centre to 800 Bay Street.
  • The U of T Bookstore will be staying in the Koffler Student Services Centre for the duration of construction.
  • Family Care will relocate to the sixth floor of 215 Huron, August 17.
  • The Centre for Theatre and Performance Studies (CDTPS) will be staged in on-campus space until the Laidlaw Wing renovation of University College is completed, and will then move there.
  • Second Cup will be relocating some time in the fall—stay tuned for details.

For more info and for updates, visit uoft.me/renovation.