Across the University of Toronto, over 3,500 students participate in the Work Study Program. The Work Study Program offers on-campus positions that provide students with an opportunity to gain practical work experience. Through the Work Study Program, students develop their knowledge, strengthen their skills and explore how their academic studies translate to career possibilities.

There are two Work Study Program cycles each year (summer and fall/winter), with specific program dates and requirements. Approved Work Study positions receive central funding to cover 70% of the pay for hours up to a maximum per cycle. Students do not have to be OSAP eligible to participate in the Work Study program.

For full program details, please login to (as ‘Faculty & Staff’ with your UTORid) and select one of the following menu options:

Expectations for Student Learning and Development

Work Study puts learning at the center of the student experience. All Work Study students and supervisors are expected to:

  • Set learning goals – students set learning goals with their Work Study supervisor, have a mid-point check-in, and final review of the learning goals
  • Students complete a self-assessment at the end of the Work Study Program
  • Supervisors are encouraged to provide formal feedback about the student’s work performance

The Professional Development Workbook is an optional tool to support these key requirements and more!

NEW - A Highlight of Changes Starting Fall 2019:

  • The Work Study Program is a program approved by the University of Toronto that is exempt from the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) - 4% vacation pay is not paid on top of the wage.
  • Students will be paid $15 per hour (the Work Study program covers 70% of the hourly rate $15 per hour). See the latest minimum wage rates in Ontario for more information. Employers may pay a higher wage, but they must cover the additional cost at 100%. Please ensure you have this funding in place prior to submitting a job.
  • During their first term in the Work Study Program, students will receive two hours of paid training organized by the unit and to be accommodated within the funded hours – one hour related to setting and reflecting on learning goals, and one hour for professional development or skills training.
  • Supervisors are required to provide students with a Work Study Program Letter of Offer available here: > Jobs & Recruitment > Work Study > Step-by-Step Process & Forms.
  • Department Business Officer will complete the Online Hiring Approval form (replaces the former Work Study Hiring Form). Access provided to Business Officers – link will be available under “Step-by-Step Process & Forms.”

For full details on posting a position to the Work Study Program: please log into your Faculty & Staff account on the Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx), go to Work Study > Jobs & Recruitment > Work Study > Work Study Jobs > Post a New Job (or ‘Repost a Job’ if you are hiring for a previously posted Work Study position).