Club office space

The Sussex Clubhouse offers about 50 shared offices for recognized campus groups at St. George. Offices are allocated annually for a 1-year term by the Committee to Allocate Student Activity Space (CASAS).

Outside of 21 sussex ave with bikes leaning against the building

Club locker space

Are you part of a recognized campus group that requires storage space (but not an office) in the 21 Sussex Clubhouse? Apply today to be assigned a locker.

Ulead points

To be eligible for office space, group leaders must collect a minimum of five (5) Ulead points through their participation in the Ulead leadership program. Points must be obtained by at least two group members. 

Shared space and room bookings

The 21 Sussex Clubhouse (Floors 4, 5 & 6 of 21 Sussex Avenue) offers several spaces for members of campus groups that have been recognized by the University of Toronto.

Spaces that can be booked:

  • 2 Meeting Rooms
  • Rehearsal Room 

You can book these spaces online at the Campus Room Finder.


Shared spaces that are not booked:

  • 21 Sussex 4th floor Lounge
  • Student Life resource Lounge and Library (3rd Floor)
  • Ulife Service Centre
  • Multi-Faith Prayer or Meditation Room

Committee for the Allocation of Student Activity Space (CASAS)

In 1999, the University had a Task Force on Student Activity Space to examine the issues surrounding space availability for three main areas of student activity: campus groups, student societies and multi-faith needs.

One of the outcomes of the task force's report was to strike a committee that allocated the determined space. It was named the Committee to Allocate Student Activity Space (CASAS). CASAS today allocates the 50+ shared office spaces available in the 21 Sussex Clubhouse

Campus Life Resource Lounge

The Campus Life Resource Lounge holds a variety of resources including books, board games, activity kits and event supplies for people to use in order to facilitate community building on campus.

Find out more about the Campus Life Resource Lounge.