The Division of Student Life brings coherence to complexity and creates opportunities to build skills, foster community and integrate learning. We connect life to learning.


Our vision. Our aspiration.
Our Values. What is important to us.
Our Practice. The way we work.
Strategic Objectives Allow us to master our mission and achieve our vision.

Our vision

Through our work and partnerships, every student will have the opportunity to actively participate in university life; find connection, community, and friendship; encounter new ways of thinking and being in the world; and experience leadership, independence, and success.

Our Values


We build capacity through partnerships to enhance the quality and breadth of our programs and services to meet student goals. 


We nurture a culture that supports diversity, inclusion, and accessibility where the student’s voice and presence matters.


We co-construct opportunities that evoke passion and the continuous building of skills and knowledge required for becoming socially responsible leaders and global citizens.

Life long learning

We co-construct opportunities that inspire curiosity and the continuous building of skills and knowledge.


We create opportunities for openness, vulnerability, and focus where students can learn more about who they are, and develop the capacity for a deeper understanding of both themselves and others.

Our Practice

Student Life engages in evidence-based, student-centered professional practice and strategies to support, engage and challenge students as they develop and grow.

Strategic Objectives

  • Communicate interactively with students to exchange information that is relevant and delivered at the right time
  • Engage students in their own academic development and learning
  • Help students better understand, navigate, and access services available
  • Provide opportunities for students to explore and apply leadership skills, engage in experiential learning, participate in mentorship, and connect to learning communities
  • Support students in making successful transitions to university and through their exploration of opportunities beyond degree completion
  • Support the unique needs of students involved in international experiences
  • Expand programs and services to meet the needs of graduate students