Being a first generation student – the first in your family to pursue post-secondary education – is something to be proud of! You are building your own legacy, and the First in the Family Peer – Mentor Program  at U of T is here to support you. Participate in this inclusive academic, leadership and social program and gain access to resources, supports, events and a friendly community.  Find out more about the program!  


Become a Mentor-in-training

The Mentors-in-Training program is designed to help mentees become mentors.  Learn the roles, responsibilities and skills necessary to become a First in the Family mentor. Participants in this program weill receive first consideration to be hired as a mentor.  

Become a Mentor

The First in the Family Mentorship program supports students in their transition to university life. But we also focus on the leadership development of our mentors.  As a mentor, you will be connected with a group of first generation students that belong to one of 3 academic fields: Arts (social sciences and humanities), Sciences or Commerce. If you are one of our mature mentors, you will be connected to a group of mature students from a variety of academic backgrounds.

FITF Mentors
Photo credit Yin Kot

Meet our mentors

Meet our fantastic team of mentors!

First in the Family Fridays

First in the Family Peer – Mentor Program holds all of our Learning (academic skills), Leadership (out of the classroom), Social (fun!), and Alumni (professional and career development) events on select Fridays 2 – 4 p.m., or 4 – 6 p.m., locations to be announced. Registered Mentees provide a gmail address and have access to a Google Calendar of all of our events planned for the year. Whether or not you are a Registered Mentee in First in the Family Peer – Mentor Program, all students must register to attend our events. We are striving to create an inclusive and accessible program. From time to time we offer light refreshments, and we do our best to make appropriate arrangements in response to accessibility and other accommodation requests.  Join us for First in the Family Fridays!