There are a lot of things to do between now and convocation, and being organized will get you through it as smoothly as possible. This is a rough timeline of things to think about and do as you complete your final years. This is just a guideline – do your own research and fill your calendar with the deadlines for the specific programs, schools or jobs you’d like to apply for.


Third Year Things to think about in third year
Fourth Year Things to think about in fourth year

Third Year


  • Start thinking about what your next step will be: do you want to apply to grad school? Professional school? College? For jobs? Take a gap year?
  • Investigate international opportunities for this summer or next year


  • Start researching the specifics of your future plans. (You can change your mind of course, but it helps to check out your options in advance!) Look into specific programs, industries, internships, etc.
  • Check with your department for deadlines to apply to fourth year thesis/research courses
  • Early in the semester: check with your department for guidelines on how to apply for a research positions for the summer


Fourth Year


  • Check to make sure you’re on track to graduate. Use Degree Explorer, or meet with your department or registrar, to make sure you’re on track to complete your program and degree requirements
  • Deadline to create OMSAS account for med school applications
  • Last chance to take the MCATs to be considered for med school admission this year
  • If you’re applying for jobs after graduation, start setting up informational interviews with people in your industry to get advice and figure out your next steps
  • Start looking out for job searching and networking events hosted by Career Exploration & Education


  • Med school applications due through OMSASF


  • Reach out to professors for grad school reference letters (at least a month before your application is due)
  • Deadline for law school applications through OLSAS


  • Deadline to request June graduation on ACORN
  • Some grad school applications due


  • Many grad school applications due
  • Last chance to take the PCAT for U of T pharmacy admission


  • Last chance to take the LSAT for U of T law admission this year
  • Equal consideration deadline for Ontario colleges (after this day, you can still apply, but people are let in on a first come, first served basis)
  • Practise mini multiple interviews for professional schools. Sign up on the CLNx


  • Deadline to change how your name appears on your degree (for June graduation)


  • Return all library books and pay any outstanding fees


  • Order your gown/hood, and then RSVP and request tickets on ROSI for June convocation
  • Consider taking a continuing education course this summer (with the $500 credit you get as a recent graduate)