Write and post job opportunities

Post full-time, part-time, summer, contract, casual, paid internships and volunteer opportunities. We advertise full-time permanent positions to recent graduates and students in their graduating year. All paid opportunities must abide by Ministry of Labour guidelines.


Write job postings

To get your posting noticed, follow these tips:

  • Provide a short description of your organization
  • Complete the entire job posting form – this enables students to search on all parameters
  • Include the salary and benefits
  • List the required skills
  • Be clear about the tasks and working conditions

We also ask you to:

  • Disclose any fees that you may charge students during the recruitment process
  • Describe the work environment and equipment necessary if you are advertising for a home-based position
  • Disclose the name of your client if you are a third-party recruiter


Post an opportunity

Log into the Career and Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx), and register your organization. Once you are approved, you can apply to post opportunities. They go live in one to two business days after they are verified by our staff.

Questions? Email employerquestions@careers.utoronto.ca or call 416-946-8459.

Internships and co-ops

Do you have a time-limited, paid opportunity (between one week and a year) that provides “real-life” training for a graduate or undergraduate, outside of the classroom? We require all postings comply with the Ontario Ministry of Labour Guidelines.

Our academic departments also have internship and co-op programs.


Co-op programs

Internship programs