Training Session: Recognized Campus Organizations (UTM, St. George and UTSC)


This form is intended for student leaders of clubs and groups at the St.George, UTM and UTSC campuses. 

1-2 representatives from each club/group must attend a CCR training session in order to begin the process of getting their club/group on the CCR. The representative(s) who attend the training session will be the one(s) required to fill out the application form and complete the CCR process throughout the year. This is an additional responsibility and should be considered before selecting the representatives. 

Note: If your club/group is already in the CCR, you do not have to attend this training session (although you are encouraged to, if you do not know about the CCR). The renewal process will take place in the fall.  

The following training sessions will be held on the St. George campus in 21 Sussex Ave., Room 321. 

Additional training sessions are also available at the UTM and UTSC campuses.

Register for a session at UTM. Email ccr.utm [at] for more information.

Register for a session at UTSC. (Log in to CLNx > Events & Workshops > UTSC Calendars: International Student Centre and Department of Student Life) Email ccr [at] for more information.

At each training, student leaders will:

  • learn about the process of adding their club or group to the CCR and gain access to the submission form
  • learn how to find a staff/faculty validator
  • learn what individuals within their club/group needs to do to validate their position at the end of the year
  • learn about accessing the CCR Clubs & Groups resources 

Here is an overview of the process to add and validate your club/group:

Step 1: Attend Training

Step 2: Fill out CCR Submission Form

Note: The deadline for UTSG groups to complete the CCR submission form is in mid-late October.

For UTM groups, please email ccr.utm [at] for more information.

For UTSC groups, please email ccr [at] for more information.

Step 3: Local Evaluation Committee meets to approve, approve with recommendations, or decline your submission. You then make changes (if required).

Step 4: Over the year, you will meet with your validator 3 times (to be discussed at training), and engage in goal-setting, tracking, and reflection exercises.

Step 5: Provide all the necessary documents to your validator at the end of the year, and your participation will be recognized!

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