Find support in locating and maximizing a relationship with a peer, career or faculty mentor.


Why might I want a mentor? Mentors have experience, offer encouragement and know things
What type of mentor should I look for? Find a mentor that suits your needs
Mentorship Database The Mentorship Database is now on the CLNx
Need help? Join us at one of our workshops
What if I’m looking to be a mentor? Use the Mentorship Database and develop your leadership skills

Why might I want a mentor?

1. Mentors have experience: Most mentors are happy to share their experiences with you so you can learn how things worked out form them and then make your own decisions on how you would like to proceed with your choices or dilemma.

2. Mentors offer encouragement and inspiration: It is always great to have a supporter and that is one of the main functions of a mentor. They have been where you are so you know that getting there is possible and they know what it is like to be in a situation similar to yours.

3. Mentors know things: Due to experience and training mentors know about resources that may assist you or “hidden” information that is not easily apparent to you.

What type of mentor should I look for?

There are as many different mentors as there are people in the world. It helps to think about why you want to talk to a mentor and what your goals are. 

A peer mentor is great if you are looking for assistance in transitioning to U of T, whereas an career mentor is great is you are looking to transition out of U of T.

Mentorship Database

The Mentorship Database is a searchable list of all of the mentorship programs we know of at U of T St. George.

If you have trouble finding the database, log on to CLNx and choose "Mentorship" from the main menu.

Need help?

If you haven’t found a mentor but are still interested in finding one, join us at one of our workshops:

Finding a Mentor

October 29, 2019

21 Sussex Ave. Room 321

2 – 3:30 p.m.

Register now.

(If you are having trouble finding the registration, make sure you are logged in to CLNx and try again. If the link still does not take you to registration log in to CLNx and find the Leadership, Mentorship & Clubs Calendar and look for the event. Clicking on the event will lead you to the registration page.)

What if I’m looking to be a mentor?

There are over 90 mentorship progams at the University of Toronto and all of them have different requirements/selection times for being a mentor.

Although the Mentorship Database is set up so students can use it to find programs where they might be a good fit for a mentee, it is also a good place to go if you are looking to be a mentor. Each program entry describes the program and gives you the contact information of the coordinators of the programs.

Mentoring is actually a skill within leadership development, so another way to get involved is to work on your own leadership development. Student Life offers many conferences, programs and workshops that can be found on the CLNx “Leadership, Mentorship & Clubs” calendar and on the Clubs & Leadership Development website.