Performance poetry and the healing process.

This workshop series cultivates wellbeing by deepening creative writing and performance practices that are anchored in self-love. Each of the four sessions will explore a domain of wellness through art practice, including: body, mind, emotional & spiritual domains, and strengthening our capacity towards radical self and community care. 

Thursdays, 6 - 7 p.m.

October 13, 20, 27 & November 3

Multi-Purpose Room, 2nd Floor, Multi-Faith Centre

569 Spadina Avenue (Entrance on Bancroft Avenue)

Registered students are expected to attend all four sessions.

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Week 1 Poetic body wisdom
Week 2 Teaching the mind what the heart knows
Week 3 The balance of letting go and letting in
Week 4 Finding purpose in the poetic
Meet the facilitator Timaj Garad is a multi-disciplinary storyteller.

Week 1: Poetic body widsom


  • Exploring movement as language
  • Learning how we use and take up space
  • Using meditative movement as a reflective process unearthing narratives
  • Acknowledging the stories our bodies tell us
  • Exploring storytelling through our senses 

Week 2: Teaching the mind what the heart knows


  • Unlearning self-doubt and mental roadblocks
  • Exploring identity intersections and how they shape our stories
  • Positive affirmations to re-write negative internal dialogues 

Week 3: The balance of letting go and letting in


  • Cultivating compassion for ourselves that we can extend to others
  • Connecting lessons from body-mind sessions to explore emotional domain
  • Excavating authentic stories and working through the pain they may carry 

Week 4: Finding purpose in the poetic


  • Exploring why we are telling the stories we tell 
  • Learning how to ground ourselves after sharing
  • Creating rituals of self-care tied to artistry to centralize self-preservation

Meet the facilitator

Facilitator Timaj Garad is a multi-disciplinary storyteller, using poetry, theatre, and music to bring her stories to life. Timaj's art is autobiographical, working at the intersections of a Black Muslim womxn challenging injustice, unearthing truths and healing. As an award-winning Artist, Timaj has graced over 100 stages and facilitated several arts-based workshops. Timaj is currently working on her first poetry collection to be released at the end of 2016.

Timaj Garad