How to access the elevator to the second floor to attend a workshop or group in Rooms A or B:

  • Enter the U of T Bookstore by the entrance across from Health & Wellness, 1st Floor (Suite 111 – main level).
  • Ask any Bookstore staff person to assist you. They would be happy to escort you to the elevator in the Bookstore and take you up to the 2nd floor.
  • Exit the Bookstore on the 2nd floor and enter the Student Life Communications door.
  • Staff there will show you where the Rooms are.
  • Bookstore staff will assist anyone who asks during their business hours.

For workshop times outside of Bookstore hours:

  • ​Please contact Health & Wellness in advance so we can give the Bookstore notice and they can accommodate the request.

When booking a workshop at the Health & Wellness Centre:

  • In Person – just let the staff person know that you would like elevator access both up and down to attend the workshop.
  • Over the Phone – you may also call 416-978-8030 in advance to let us know.