Looking for somewhere to stay for a day, a week or several weeks at a time? Our listings are located close to campus and/or are easily accessible by public transit.

Temporary housing options are ideal for:

  • Students requiring urgent accommodation while searching for long-term housing
  • Visiting friends and families
  • Visiting faculty members and students
  • Winter break housing (most of U of T’s residences close during the winter break)



The University does not investigate, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by any listing. Although the University reviews all information posted, the University assumes no responsibility in regard to any agreement made with a landlord or any arrangements made by students sharing accommodations.

While all places on the temporary accommodation list are visited by a staff member, the employees at Student Housing are not trained or certified building inspectors and review only for general suitability. The University makes no representations or warranties and assumes no responsibility as to the condition of the accommodation.

Winter break

Most U of T residences close during the winter break. If you need temporary accommodations, check out the winter break list.

Summer residence

Looking for a place to live for the summer? Check out what we have to offer at U of T! Living in residence over the summer lets you enjoy the convenience of living on campus at a reduced cost, while getting to know Toronto and meeting new people from all over the world.

Apartment style

Search for private rooms, with cooking facilities and a refrigerator in the unit.

Bed & breakfast

Find private or shared rooms, breakfast included.

Guest houses & inns

Homestay services

Find a Homestay placement. Part of a family home, with ESL support.


Find a hotel. Private rooms and washrooms.