Learn about how to get home maintenance and repairs conducted in your rental unit.    

Tenants have legal rights to maintenance and repairs in rental units. Don’t forget to watch our Facebook Lives on rental maintenance and pests for more details! 


Winter housing woes Learn how to prevent and solve problems caused by cold weather
Plan for a trip Don’t forget to do these key maintenance tasks when leaving for an extended vacation

Winter housing woes

Canada’s winter weather takes a toll on our minds, bodies, and homes! Learn how to prevent and treat the issues that arise when the temperature drops.

Make sure your windows are properly sealed

Properly sealed windows can save money and keep you warmer through the winter.

Check the caulking around your windows to make sure it hasn’t cracked or eroded over time. If it has, be sure to notify your landlord via email quickly.

If your windows let in a lot of cold air even when properly sealed, try an additional method of insulating your apartment windows.

Make sure your pipes are weather-ready

Check with your landlord to see if your building has previously had any weather-related issues and ask if they will be weather-proofing your unit. Extreme changes in weather can cause pipes to burst and, although this is your landlord’s responsibility, it can be a huge inconvenience to you as it gets repaired. It’s important to protect your home from freezing temperatures.

Take care of the air

Between the cold winter air and cranking up the heat indoors, you can expect low moisture in your home’s air. Dry nasal passages and stale air can increase your chances of getting sick. Consider using a humidifier and a hygrometer (a humidity meter) to boost the humidity levels in your home.

Make your home pest-unfriendly

Cold wet weather drives pests indoors, so plan to make your home as unfriendly as possible for pests. Empty your garbage, recycling, and compost frequently, seal pantry items and snacks, wash your clothes and bedding regularly, vacuum and remove clutter around the unit. Learn more about what to do if your unit has a pest-issue.

Plan for an extended trip

Leaving your apartment for the holiday break or an extended trip? Don’t forget to do these key maintenance tasks.

  1. Clear out the fridge and seal pantry items 

  1. Clean your apartment 

  1. Empty garbage, recycling and compost 

  1. Unplug your appliances and electronics 

  1. Adjust your thermostat 

  1. Bring in outdoor furniture 

  1. Double-check that your door is locked 

  1. Pause your mail  

  1. Check up on your tenant’s insurance 

  1. Coordinate with roommates 

  1. Let a neighbour know  

  1. Make a plan for pets and plants