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Accessibility remote/online learning updates for students

Updated: June 5, 2020

Many of you have questions how your academic accommodations may be impacted by the shift to remote/online instruction.

Download Strategies for Online Learning (PDF). This document discusses online learning and provides tips, referral pathways and next steps.

These changes require some adjustments by all members of the campus community. Thank you for your patience while we work together to find reasonable solutions, given the exceptional circumstances.

If you’re not feeling well, the Health & Wellness Centre offers information on what students should do if they feel unwell and information about the absence declaration tool on ACORN.
If you don’t have access to a computer to participate in online learning, the University of Toronto Libraries offer laptops, iPads and other technology for loan. Find information regarding availability and instructions.

Below, read important information to keep in mind during this time.

  • Students in the process of registering with Accessibility Services will receive updates about intake packages and registration from our office. We offer intake appointments over the phone or Microsoft Teams.

    If you need to provide documentation to Accessibility Services, many health-care providers are offering virtual appointments, including Health & Wellness on the St. George campus. Find more information about Health & Wellness appointments.

    If you are unable to provide complete documentation at this time, please communicate with the intake/triage team at

    If you already submitted your application to register with Accessibility Services and are reconsidering now that classes are online for the summer 2020 term, we encourage you to have an intake appointment so that an accessibility advisor can put suitable, timely accommodations in place for you just in case.

    To pause your registration, contact our front desk at Contact us again when you’re ready to resume registration.

  • Students currently registered with Accessibility Services can contact our front desk staff to ask questions and to book an appointment with an accessibility advisor, learning strategist or adaptive technologist. Phone 416-978-8060 or email

    Drop-in hours are currently cancelled.

  • Students registered with Accessibility Services can access accommodations as courses transition to online learning. Connect with your accessibility advisor if you have questions about how your specific accommodations will translate to a remote learning environment. If you haven’t already, share your letter of accommodation with your professors.

    Students registered in summer 2020 courses will still receive accommodations. Remember to send your professor(s) your letter of accommodation.

    Note-taking support continues as usual through the note-taking portal. If you have questions, contact

  • Our learning strategies team and Academic Success created a helpful resource on Take-home and Online Exams (PDF).

    For information on assessments (tests/quizzes/take-home tests and exams), visit Accommodated Testing Services (ATS).

    Read information from their office below:

    How does accommodated testing work for online courses?

    • You still need to register with Accommodated Testing Services (ATS) for each assessment.
    • You’ll find details for all assessments in the syllabus for each course. We recommend registering for all of your term tests right away, so that you don’t miss registration deadlines throughout the term. The deadline to register is 14 days before each assessment.
    • For each of your bookings, ATS will contact your instructor or department administrator to get the details of the assessment. Once those details are confirmed, your time-based accommodations will be implemented, if applicable.
    • Please note that in order to implement your time-based accommodations online, they will be shared on a need-to-know basis. They may be shared with your instructor and/or department administrator, depending on your department’s processes and the platform being used. If you have questions or concerns about who your accommodations will be shared with, please contact ATS.
    • Once your accommodations have been implemented, you will receive a confirmation email from ATS. ATS will aim to notify you a minimum of 2 business days prior to your assessment, however there may be delays depending on when they hear back from your instructor/faculty.
    • LATE REQUESTS: If there were extenuating circumstances which prevented you from registering by the deadline, late registrations should be directed to your accessibility advisor. Late registrations are not guaranteed.

    Extra time accommodations

    Extra time accommodations continue for online assessments.

    Extra time provisions apply to all timed exams including take-home exams (e.g. a take-home exam gets 1.25 time added – the same as a two-hour, in-class test/exam). For assignments where you have weeks or months to prepare, you can request the usual extension accommodation of up to one week from the due date as indicated on your letter of accommodation. If you have questions, contact your accessibility advisor.

    How extra time calculation works

    For online tests: The usual time-assessment calculation is extra time + stopped clock breaks + class writing length.

    For take-home tests: Refer to the calculation chart on the ATS website.

    How make-up tests work

    Accommodations for make-up tests continue. Please register for make-up tests (select the first pink button) as usual through ATS.

    How assignment deadline and time zone conflicts work

    If you have multiple assignments due at the same time and/or are in a different time zone where exam time translates to the middle of the night, contact your professor or your faculty/college registrar’s office to discuss next steps. If you’re still having difficulties, get in touch with your accessibility advisor.

    Quercus help

    View my extra time: In Quercus, view your assignments and their due dates and your quizzes and their deadlines. Professors may use either the assignment or quiz function for your take-home assessments. If the amount of extra time doesn’t reflect your accommodations, email your accessibility advisor.

    Tell me how much time I have left: If you’re using the Quercus quiz section to complete your assessment, you can find information on quiz warning notifications. There are no time warning notifications for assignments, so use helpful tools like your phone’s timer to make sure you submit the assignment on time.

    Taking a break: If you’re writing your test online and don’t have live proctoring, you need to log back in if you have left the room/your computer for a certain amount of time. Refer to Quercus instructions on resuming a quiz you have started.

    My computer logged out: You just need to log back in. Refer to Quercus instructions on resuming a quiz you have started.

    Technical difficulties: Contact the Information Commons Help Desk and your professor/designated contact if you experience a technical issue that affects your ability to write the assessment.

    • Refer to your faculty’s website for any special provisions related to your academic responsibilities.
    • Refer to the COVID-19 information by faculty website regarding your academic options.
    • Speak with your academic advisor or registrar’s office for course standing-related questions such as withdrawing from courses etc.
    • Contact your accessibility advisor if you have accommodation-related concerns about completing your courses.
    • Graduate students can find additional information on the School of Graduate Studies website.

    Summer/fall 2020 courses

    Please continue to check your faculty’s website and COVID-19 information by faculty website for the most up-to-date information about the format of these courses.

  • On-campus transportation funding will no longer be available.

    Submit your BSWD receipts via email to or by dropping the receipts in the drop box, located outside Enrolment Services, 172 St. George Street. Make sure your name and student number are on the receipts, as well as a standard cover sheet.

    Find a standard cover sheet to accompany your receipts on the Enrolment Services website.

    Send receipts in PDF format from your University of Toronto email. Keep copies of your receipts for your records.

    Repay any unused bursary funds by a money order, certified cheque or bank draft payable to the University of Toronto.

    • Write your full name and student number on the cheque/money order or bank draft
    • Make copies of your receipts for your records
    • Email or drop off your repayment

    Email a copy of the money order, certified cheque or bank draft from your University of Toronto email to Photocopies of your cheque/money order or bank draft as PDF are acceptable.

    Drop off the money order, certified cheque or bank draft in the drop box located outside Enrolment Services at 172 St. George Street, Toronto, ON.

    Have questions?

    Connect with your accessibility advisor about questions related to BSWD and online learning if you’ve submitted an application and are waiting for confirmation of approval.

    If you’re currently receiving BSWD funding for in-course supports/or other services, contact with your accessibility advisor and Enrolment Services.