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Community partner opportunities at the Centre for Community Partnerships

The Centre for Community Partnerships (CCP) works with your grassroots, non-profit, or public sector organization to create opportunities for collaborating with University of Toronto students. We connect students to community-identified priorities for courses or co-curricular activities, with the goal of positive social impact. At the CCP, we call these courses and programs “community-engaged learning.”

As a community partner who works with our courses and programs, you will guide the creation of placements and projects that our students can work on to support your organization and student learning. While all programs respond to your organizational priorities, they range in length of student involvement, your supervisory responsibilities and project scope.

Benefits of partnering with community-engaged learning students

  1. Your organization can receive student support for your programs, services and initiatives.
  2. You can help educate university students about social issues, your organization’s work and priorities.
  3. You can meet and train potential new employees.
  4. You can foster connections between your organization and the University.
  5. You may have the opportunity to collaborate with some of our faculty and students on research projects that address the needs of your organization, our communities and society.
  6. You can access the University of Toronto library system and CCP-created professional development opportunities.

Discover our partnership opportunities

  • Community Action Projects: Matches U of T student volunteers with your organization.
  • Community-Engaged Learning Academic Courses: Partner with courses in a range of disciplines to have students undertake placements or projects for your organization.
  • Partnership for Alternative Reading Week: A three-day annual event where U of T students are assigned to work on volunteer projects at community organizations in Toronto and Peel.
  • Research Shop: Connects a small group of doctoral students from a range of disciplines to a research project proposed by your organization.
  • Social Action Pop-Ups: One-time events where community experts share the context of a local or social issue and how their organization works on, or is impacted by, that issue.

Stay engaged and learn about upcoming opportunities! Sign up for our CCP newsletter for community partners.